Weekly outline

  • Social Cooperative of Cyclades ''ALTERA VITA''


      ALTERA VITA is a Register Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefit ( Koin.S.Ep.) based in Syros since 2015 and action area in the prefecture of Cyclades.   
       Our specific objectives are the following activities: providing specialized services through culture, environment, education,  health services, prevention, and health promotion, the use and the cultivation of local products such as aromatic and medical plants, the preservation of traditional activities and professions, promote employment especially at disabling people, with the empowerment of social cohesion and the strengthening of local or regional sustainable development.
      ALTERA VITA is a scientific research center and implements education and awareness programs, working with volunteers in the areas of Environment and Culture and Social Intervention programs at the community level. ALTERA VITA. organizes domestic and transnational training sessions on a wide range of topics. 
      To this end, it collaborates with a network of experienced trainers and experts in various fields.
      Experts with special knowledge, experience, and training in their subject offer the opportunity for trainees to  increasing social and professional changes in areas such as the social economy, Health Promotion, Organic Farming, Environment, and Sustainable Development, the Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Psychology, new technologies.

      Miltos Sakellariou
      Chairman of the Board
      European Project Manager
      Prevention Counsellor in Addictions
      MSc Counseling Psychology

      Social Cooperative of Cyclades
      Agros E11- 84100 Syros 
      E-mail: alteravitacyclades@gmail.com


      Altera Vita participates at the European Network of Social Authorities
      ENSA is a network of cities and European Regions that has the aim of promoting international cooperation in the social field.
      ENSA was established by the Veneto Region in 1999. Since then the network has developed and supported solid partnerships between a wide range of European Regions and has carried out seminars, conferences, study visit programs and exchanges of operators.
      The co-operation between partners has brought about the opportunity to carry out several projects financed by the European Commission Collaborating with ENSA is a way to increase the dialogue with the European institutions and to become part of an international platform to implement shared projects. http://www.ensa-network.eu/

    • Altera Vita – AGRICULTURE



      ALTERA VITA aims at agricultural production through the cooperative orientation of aromatic and medicinal plants of our country, packaging, processing of local and traditional products and dishes, self-produced products with the promotion of cottage industry, enabling young or old farmers to discover an added value in their income. The exploitation of privately owned agricultural land of members of the Cooperative has already begun, and the planting of aromatic plants such as sage, thyme,  rosemary, oregano, for the production, processing and promotion of local products of Syros.
      ALTERA VITA has been registered since June 2017, as a Legal Entity, in the Register of farmers and agricultural holdings of the Ministry of Agriculture. Our goal is the creation of a Multifunctional productive visitable farm, for teachers programs related to sustainability, the environment, prevention and health promotion.
      Multifunctional agriculture is favoured by EU rural policy and considered as a tool for integrated and sustainable rural development. Recent approaches to define the multifunctional practices of rural farm households (different from those of ‘conventional’ agriculture) according to the use of their resources result in three dimensions: deepening, broadening and regrounding.
      More  CLICK HERE)  for Survival strategies of farm households and multifunctional farms in Greece.

      • Altera Vita – EMPLOYMENT

        ALTERA VITA includes the preparation and support of vulnerable adults and minors for their social reintegration and promotion in the labour market.
         In this direction, the organization provides psychosocial and professional counselling support to people in this social group.
        In general,  ALTERA VITA aims:
        (a) The establishment and development of structures for the protection of vulnerable adults and minors in cooperation with bodies and organizations.
        (b) to raise awareness among employers and society of issues concerning vulnerable groups and especially people with special needs.
        c) research - study and proposals to tackle social exclusion.
        (d) encouraging - strengthening and exploiting private initiative and volunteering
        ALTERA VITA with KEFIAP Syros ( Department  for disabled people of the  Hospital of Syros), after an Agreement, serving people with disabilities, which are predominantly included  in the following diagnostic categories:
        neurological difficulties, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, diffuse disturbances
        KEFIAP operates as a Day Centre, providing evaluation, support, treatment and monitoring in outpatients and patients to their families. At the same time, it organizes parallel actions that enhance healing and rehabilitation, which includes laboratories for the Disabled people and support groups and counselling of parents/guardians;  their curers.

        a) Parents / guardians / carers, groups of disabled people.
        b) Entertainment, socialization workshops and training of those benefiting from the KEFIAP.
        C) Counselling groups for employment with Disabled people.

        ERASMUS + YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY:  Hello my name is Antonis Stellas.
        The moving story of Antonis .... We all have our own personal story. But Antonis's story is different. He has been through trial, pain, struggle and agony for life and eventually returns again with strength, will, an effort for a new beginning through the gift of dance. Thank you, Antony, for teaching us all the time we are in the STORYTELLING team every Wednesday. 
        On the basis of Your life - Your Story Project organised a competition to select the best story. There were six countries cooperating in this project.
        Each of them applied with two movies, their own two stories, some personal, some imaginative, some of the stories were made during the project.  The winning story was Hello my name is Antonis Stellas from the Greek team and he got a nice reward in the final project meeting in Celje -Slovenia.

        • Altera Vita -YOUTH PROGRAMMES

          ALTERA VITA also works with youth programs related to the environment and Health Promotion. Through the Health Promotion programme "Walk along the paths of my island - discover myself", there is an opportunity for teamwork. 
          Among the goals of the Cooperative in terms of sustainable development is the implementation of the following activities:
          a. Protection and restoration of the natural environment and biodiversity.
          b. Environmental upgrade of traditional settlements
          c.Alternative, thematic and mild tourism,
          d. Capture the traditional paths of the Cyclades and protect them from destruction.
          e.Educational Environmental Programs for pupils, young people, students, for the acquisition of personal and social skills through contact with the natural environment and the collaborative-experiential approach.
          Teenagers, get to know themselves while discovering the paths of their islands. They gain personal development skills and related in a different way with their teachers and their parents.
          The project has the approval and inclusion in the Youth programme, under the auspices of the Ministry for Youth.
          Within the framework of the program, there is  a training package and an e-book, like a tool kit.
          Educational material for the paths of Syros. ( CLICK HERE ) : I WALK THE PATHS OF SYROS-I DISCOVER MYSELF

        • Altera Vita - CULTURE


          The main activity of the KOINSEP CYCLADES-ALTERA VITA is to contribute to the study and promotion of the history and culture and the protection of the environment of Syros and the surrounding islands of the Cyclades, through collective processes.
          ALTERA VITA includes a theatre workshop with the participation of 25 adults and teenagers. More than 15 years, the theatre group, through drama therapy and group processing techniques, created scenarios, which was presented at the Young European Theatre Network in Grenoble-France.
          The Young European Theatre Network was born from the Young European Theatre Rencontres which have been taking place in Grenoble since 1989. It has been made official during the seminar which was held in Grenoble, in May 2004, and which gathered participants from 18 European and non-European countries.
          It is made up of professional directors who have chosen to work with young people, being whether on professional theatrical training of young professionals. It gathers dozens of structures: companies, theatre schools and theatrical academies, festivals, divided up in all Europe and beyond.
          It is a space where artists, groups, companies and young people, share their practices, experiences, and their theatre vision. This one encourages practices and abilities exchanges, between artists and theatre teachers.
          It is a plural artistic movement and an international theatre laboratory. Its members organize cultural and artistic exchanges: co-productions, bilateral training courses, show productions,  professional theatrical training, festivals.
           The Young European Theatre promotes intercultural apprenticeship, diversity respect, Human Rights and solidarity values. It cooperates to the construction of a pacified, democratic, tolerant, jointly liable Europe, open to the World and contributing to Peace.

        • Altera Vita - SUMMER SCHOOL


          The alternate summer school ALTERA SCUOLA for children, with the cooperation of the Catholic Private School Ag. George-Frere is running a few years with great success and now in our own place.
          Children aged 5-14 years have the opportunity to "escape" from life in the city by participating in a special experience at the "Agios Georgios-FRER" private school in Ermoupolis.
           A rich summer educational program, including visual arts, musical and theatrical workshops, photography and cinema, environmental awareness, emotional education groups.
           The Summer Educational Program aims to integrate children into a creative process, to free up imagination and creativity, to acquire knowledge, to enhance skills, to stimulate sociality and communication, to cultivate a team spirit through entertainment, various expressive and artistic inventions.
          Through this comprehensive program of activities, the ALTERA VITA ALTERA SCUOLA summer school aims to function as a tool for social and cultural development of our society.
            In each thematic section, ALTERA VITA ALTERA SCUOLA asks to stimulate the interest of participating children through experiential education groups, so that they begin to seek and learn how to approach Psychic and Physical Health, Culture, Sports, with responsibility, love and enthusiasm. 

          • Altera Vita - Distance Learning Seminars