Our activities mainly focus on enhancing the basic skills and key competences, mostly literacy skills, writing skills and digital competences (e.g preparing digital stories, digital messages and call for Europe activites). We would like to develop  participants key competences, basics skills, such as: writing and reading in mother tongue and English.  

Forming the digital agenda for Europe becomes the most relevant for education and training. Overall aim of digital agenda is to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits from a digital single market based on fast and ultra fast internet and interoperable applications. To do this, it is important to enhance digital and literacy skills, and project will help adult learners to enhance digital competences.  We would like to help people with different disadvantages: learning difficulties, economical situation and refugees. 
To encourage the learning of modern foreign languages our project target language will be English and our learners will be involve in literacy activities (for example: writing scripts of their stories, preparing digital messages).
To achieve all the goals an innovative method - storytelling - will be used. This will help to combine IT and English skills learning (dital storytelling). We aim to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning.
With this project we will create a high quality learning opportunity for seniors/ adult learners/refugges and we will extend and develop the correspondent adult educator's competences to implement it sucessfully. 

“Knowledge is what you remain with after you forget everything you learned.”

Our aims are to learn:

  • Principles and utility of storytelling in training 
  • General Characteristics of the stories and of the narrative processes that are essential to a conscious use of the storytelling techniques in education.
  • How to choose and collect stories 
  • The features of the videos and related e-training course produced 
  • How to use the videos in face to face training in a class /workshop settings